(HTO) High Tibia Osteotomy Open Wedge Plate (Multi-axial Hole)

(HTO) High Tibia Osteotomy Open Wedge Plate (Multi-axial Hole) - Deva Tibbi


HTO open wedge plates are anatomically
curved to fit the Tibia bone. Adjustable
wedges and with various wedge size options
that can be chosen for the best by doctors.
Additionally, this type of plates has combihole and multi-directional hole system

Material: Made of certified Titanium Ti6AL4V Eli alloy.

Thickness: 3.2mm

Metaphyseal Width: 34.0mm

Diaphyseal Width: 16.0mm


Ø5.0mm cortical screw.

Ø5.0mm spongious screw.

Screws’ features:

Locking and non-locking.

Self tapping.

Self drilling.

Cannulated and non-cannulated.

Ref. No. TI


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